Strategic Growth Partners.

Providing support, strategy and investment to crypto startups

Krypto Playboy Capital is an Australian run value adding Venture Capital Network which invests in early start-up decentralized blockchain technology

Capital & Funding

With a track record of seed and private investment in early stage projects, we are perfectly placed to provide funding and support to a variety of project sizes

Legal and Finance

We operate our business with the highest level of integrity and scrutiny. That’s why we ensure that you have access to the best legal and financial advice in the market.


We help you identify the strategies that motivate customers and define sectors. With the right tools and technology empowering your project and team, success comes easily.

Design & Marketing

Our design and marketing team bring their wealth of knowledge across all industries, developing brands and campaigns from strategy to execution. Logos, video editing, copyrighting, we’re ready for it all.



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